Frequently Asked Questions

All that you need to know about our Portable Planetariums and Fulldome Projection Accesories

Do I need to pay for the shipping?


Free shipping by DHL

The shipping cost by DHL is totally free, but it's important to make clear that the customs expenses of each country, if there are, they correspond by the customer

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¿Qué es un Planetario Móvil?


What is a Mobile Planetarium?

It is one of the most versatile and affordable educational environment; you can use it in small or big open areas. It is a great tool for significant educational activities. Inside our Domes you can find an excellent reflecting surface, to make your projections in any subject come to life!

Inside we find

An inflatable dome and a digital projector that can be set in a covered space or outdoor. All this withour saying it's ideal for educational activities and with an excelent reflecting surface, with black-out environment. And it's not only for digital projectors, if not, for every kind of projectors: analogical and digital.


Make learning process fascinating

Take your teaching to another level, turning your regular projections into a 360° experience! Inside of our Domes we can find an excelent reflecting surface in a black-out background, and this works to every kind of projection that you want: analog or digital. Our Portable Planetarium Models are more than a common Portable Planetarium, because they can make projections in 360 degrees images unlike other ones.

What is the most important thing when you purchase a Portable Planetarium?


Portable Planetarium without floor

One of the most important things in a Portable Planetarium is the floor added to the fabric. We recommend a dome without floor, because if an accident happens, it would be easier to get people out of the Dome in the fastest way possible. So, if you want to work with a Dome in an efficient and safe way, without a doubt, our Domes are your best choice.

Flame Retardant Fabric

The most important question is the quality of the fabric. It must be Flame Retardant by the Producer Factory. Our fabric is 100% flame retardant. This provides extra security for the people inside.


Grey Silvered Colored

Something to know before purchase a Dome to play fulldome projections is that white fabric or other colors, even grey color Domes (different than silver gray), do not give you a good quality in the projection.


Black-Out fabric

Not just "Grey-Silvered" colored but also every Dome must be totally black-out.
Our Silver Grey-100% Black Out fabric ensures the best quality for your projections . White Fabrics or with other colors are not acceptable for a good Projection.

What do you need to purchase to use a Portable Planetarium?

Portable Planetarium

You need to purchase at least a dome with of this size on diameter:

-16 feet.

-19 feet.

-23 feet.



Digital Digital

The are different types of projections inside of a Portable Planetarium:
-Holographic Projection
-Digital projection
-Analogical projection.
When we use a Portable Planetarium is better and cheaper to use a digital projection because this technology it's improving with every new generation, not saying that is easy to use.


Spherical mirror

An spherical mirror or security mirror of good size it's extremely important to play fulldome videos correctly inside the Dome and get a perfect immersive experiencie. Talking about measure and experiencie, in general we need to use spherical mirrors from 45cm to 60cm (17 to 23 inch). We need to point that the Dome size do not indicate the size of the mirror, but the diameter of the mirrors indicated before works perfectly on domes with 2m to 20m on diameter.

Inflation Device

Depends of the dome's size it will be the power (HP), making this clear:

  • 5m/16 feet Dome -> Inflation Device of 1 HP.
  • 6m/19 feet Dome -> Inflation Device of 1.5HP
  • 7-10m/23-32 feet Dome -> Inflation Device of 2HP

An Inflation device can be included in your purchase, but it's more affordable for you to acquire it in your own city.

What do I need for a Digital Projection?


Spherical mirror from 45 to 60cm

It must be of high quality, reflective and resistent. We manufacturate and sell our personal Spherical Mirrors.

Fulldome videos

You need movies in format fulldome (WARP or fisheye) so they can be reproduced inside the dome. We give 90 Fulldome videos in every purchase to use them in the way you want.

Digital projector

Minimal requeriments:

  • DLP technology.
  • Contrast ratio grater than 4000:1.
  • 2500 lumens
  • Full HD.
  • Every model works. You can purchase our projector or purchase one on your own.

Laptop or PC

We recommend to use a laptop because it's portable and the time preparing everything to project is less. In other hand, a PC could give you more problems, not only in space, also in "esthetic". The capacity of the laptop would depend of the fulldome movie quality that want to project. Should be at least:

  • -To have a native resolution of: 1024x768(XGA)| 1280x1024(SXGA, less common now)| 1400x1050(SXGA +)| 1920x1080(HD).
  • -2-4GB in RAM
  • -2-4 core
  • -2.0GHz+
  • -Graphic card is not so important if we'are not talking about ultra resolutions or very heavy fulldome frame files.

Fulldome Projections


Spherical mirror projection system

Our Planetariums and Domes serve to fulldome projections using programs such as Stellarium and Mitaka, to grant the viewers the spectacular fulldome-360° experience, with just a computer, a spherical mirror, dome and a DLP Digital Projector (not LCD). Use a projector with high resolution, more than 2500 lumens and a contrast ratio greater than 3000:1 to provide the best image quality.